Educational Objectives

  • To provide the quality education through practical needs.
  • To Provide new and scientific programs for the study intellectually and emotionally with his/her maximum potentially .
  • To develop social awarness and good leadership .
  • To integrate all of the subjects areas into the learning process.
  • To prepare students to face challenges of the 21st century .
  • To produce skilled manpower for handling administrative and managerial job for private as well as government organizations.
We are dedicated to quality education rather than the external unnecessary exposure. We are committed to the quality education at affordable fees too. We apprreciate suggestions and complians for the betterment of the college. Valuable suggestions from scholars , social workers, educationalists and guardianare implemented for the college development . this institution is established for the social purpose . So, we are committed to the over all development of the students . CIC’s promoters are from a family of renowned and Competent academicians representing several educational institutions and thus provided grounds for its sustainability. It has a team of envisioned advisors to solicit in matters of overall educational solidification . The inspirations and encouragement of respects parents, guardians, social workers and educationalists have enforced to start the bachelor program and CIC wants to assure not to let down their suggestions.

OUr Goal

The main goal of this educational institution is to prepare the skillful, capable citizens for the development of the nation.